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Brand Comparison Paper
Edwin Loeffler, Jessica Canaday, Mackenzie Damm, Cindy Berrios
September 8, 2014
Bridget Peaco
Brand Comparison Paper
Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola have been in business for a long time and both are largely successful companies in the beverage industry. They both have different brand components in comparison. A few of the different comparisons would be pricing, quality, packaging, logos, brand equity and features. In the following paper we will discuss these items in detail to see how different these two brands are. Pricing Strategies
Looking at the pricing strategies of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola they are taking two very different plans. The products they sell are similar with …show more content…

Product Image and Personality
Even though these companies are vastly different in there branding they are very similar when it comes to image and personality. Both companies are concerned with sustainable packaging, recycling, and making an impact of the future of our globe and its environment. Coca-Cola has a commitment to “set the standard for sustainable packaging, achieve zero waste in our operations and recycle more packaging than we use” (Coca Cola Enterprises, 2014). Coca-Cola uses targets such as using less packaging, using recycled materials, PET bottles, recyclability of their packaging, manufacturing, and inspiring consumers to recycle to assist in keeping our environments clean (Coca Cola Enterprises, 2014). Coca-Cola also uses campaigns like “Recycle for the Future” to inspire communities to recycle (Coca Cola Enterprises, 2014). Pepsi also concerns them with less packaging, turning waste into wealth, recycling, and motivating others to recycle (PepsiCo, n.d.). Both companies want to improve what they are doing as a company to help improve the environments in communities where they are located.

Distinguishing Features
Pepsi Co and Coca Cola are both known for offering similar colas that have competed to be consumer’s favorite soda for decades. Pepsi Co most recently has been seen as a more attractive brand to a younger audience than the well-known Coca Cola. Pepsi Co is

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