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SECTION 3: MONITOR AND EVALUATE WORKPLACE LEARNING Top of Form Activity 10 1. The operations manager for Weiss Enterprises is planning to send all employees across the nine different stores to a two day course on customer service. The aim is to develop a customer centric culture across the organisation as well as provide instruction on exactly how to interact successfully with customers. How can the operations manager ensure that they gather feedback to measure the effectiveness of the training at all four of Kirkpatrick’s levels to improve future learning programs? Propose some tools and techniques that could be used. Upload your answer for assessment. Optimum file size should be less than 7MB 2. Comment on the retrospect methodology of …show more content…

You would need to discuss with the staff member their own goals and how they relate to the organizational goals. You would need to address this course and how they believe it can directly contribute to their personal goals and the organizational goals. Possibly a compromise could be reached where if the course is irrelevant then the time allocated for the course could be

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