Outback Steakhouse : High Turnover Rate

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Introduction and Background For this training needs analysis, I chose Outback Steakhouse since I am currently employed with them part time and have been employed with them for 8 years. I felt this gave me first hand insight into their training procedures as well the opportunity to learn more about how they could grow in developing their training. Outback Steakhouse was started in Tampa, FL in 1988 and falls under the company brand “Bloomin Brands”. The brand was built on hospitality, sharing, quality, being courageous and having fun (, n.d.). The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSA) help employees perform their job effectively and give the best customer service possible. Training is an important performance tool needed when …show more content…

The employee especially concerns management because in customer service, the success of the products depends on the delivery. Thus, service organizations rely on their employees to create memorable experiences that develop a loyal customer base and ultimately carry out the organization’s strategic initiatives (Longstreet, Sturman, & Walsh, p.4, 2010). The group that will be receiving training for the training needs analysis will be the front of house staff. This staff includes: hosts, servers, bartenders and takeaway. This staff is considered the “front lines” and is directly in contact with customers on a daily basis. Training Issues Addressed Outback Steakhouse needs to focus on maximizing their employee retention in field that is known for high turnover rates. Higher turnover leads to higher financial loss, poor customer service, and the company not reaching their business objectives and goals. When it comes to staff attrition “studies show that training increases worker productivity, improves employee satisfaction and motivation, and consequently staff retention (Wellings, para 4, 2013)”. Providing adequate training in career advancements, customer service relations and development within the company can help avoid

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