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Chapter 02 Individual Behavior, Personality, and Values True / False Questions 1. One person-job matching strategy is to select applicants whose existing competencies best fit the required task. True False 2. According to the MARS model of individual behavior and performance, employee performance will remain high even if one of the four factors significantly weakens. True False 3. The MARS model identifies the four main factors that influence individual behavior: motivation, ability, role perceptions, and situational factors. True False 4. Motivation is an external force on the person that causes him or her to engage in specific behaviors. True False 5. Intensity refers to…show more content…
Self-verification stabilizes our self-concept. True False 32. Self-enhancement can result in bad decisions. True False 33. People perform better in most employment situations when they have a strong external locus of control. True False 34. People arrange values into a needs hierarchy. True False 35. Espoused values represent the values that you and your spouse have in common. True False 36. Corporate leaders have a strong influence on the moral conduct of employees in that organization. True False 37. One dimension of Schwartz 's values model has openness to change at one extreme and conservation at the other extreme. True False 38. Our habitual behavior tends to be consistent with our values, but our everyday conscious decisions and actions apply our values much less consistently. True False 39. Perfect person-organization value congruence is possible but not desirable. True False 40. The ideal situation in organizations is to have employees whose values are perfectly congruent with the organization 's values. True False 41. Cultures with high collectivism must also have low individualism. True False 42. Two countries with low collectivism are Japan and the United States. True False 43. People with high power distance expect relatively equal power sharing. True False 44. In terms
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