The Theory Of Social Exchange Theory Essay

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During the course of this week’s discussion we will examine the social exchange theory (SET); Dr. Cone did a great job presenting SET to us in this week’s media, I hope you all enjoyed it. Now, we can further consider it by applying the concepts to real life situations such as our family case study, our own family, or other examples you find to be beneficial to you and our collective growth as future APNs. In order to guide our discussion and to have a meaningful learning experience I would encourage each of us to answer the following: What do you find most interesting among the theoretical concepts? Provide a brief patient and family scenario that exemplifies a key concept from the presentation. Discuss whether or not you agree with the ideas presented in this media presentation.
Here are the basic premises of social exchange theory from the presentation:
1.Humans seek rewards and avoid punishment
2.Humans seek maximize profit for themselves while minimizing cost
3.Persons will weight benefits and costs in making decisions based on the information
4.Standards that humans use to evaluate rewards and cost differ individual to individual and may change over time
5.The importance that humans attach to the behavior of other varies from person to person
6.The greater the value of a reward exceeds on expectations, the less valued the reward will become in the future (the bigger is better phenomenon)
Additional concepts to consider are interdependence, experience, norms, attraction
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