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Is it possible to see Baba as a tragic hero? (21)

The definition of a tragic hero is a noble person with heroic or potentially heroic tendencies; however has a tragic flaw that leads to his downfall and a reversal of fortune. The audience typically pities this character. Although it may be argued that Baba is, in fact, a tragic hero, I do not believe that he is.

Some readers may see Baba as a tragic hero as Baba does hold some of the characteristics needed for him to be a tragic hero. For example, he is sometimes noble, as on occasion, he quite clearly shows that he has high moral principles, as a noble person would. For example, when he stands up for the woman in the truck. ‘I’ll take a thousand bullets before I let this indecency
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le t see Baba as a tragic hero, i do not think that he is one, as he does not fit the criteria or characteristics for a tragic

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