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The word “DJ” stands for disc jockey, “a person who uses samples of recorded music to make music”. The educational experience of Baby DJ School is a portal into the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house music. Baby DJ school originated in Brooklyn, New York and was opened by Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, DJ, composer and playwright. She opened the school in order to “attribute gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and language skills and foster a special bond between caretaker and baby.” The school provides an interactive music program for toddlers and teaches them how to make their own beats via using their own creativity. Baby DJ School familiarizes infants with musical patterns, improves their language skills via…show more content…
The idea of the Baby DJ School gained massive amounts of popularity via media and internet and became a spectacular day-care for kids. The school has gained so much popularity recently that even Vice Media, a broadcasting company that reaches a large global audience, published a video about Baby DJ School. The video contains dozens of awesome images of babies playing around with the equipment, along with lots of positive vibes from the teacher and the parents. However it is not an advertisement. Vice displays a more realistic portrayal of the school instead of advertise it to a specific audience.
The success of the school is due to the daycare aspects as well as the learning piece that goes along with listening to music and rhythms at such a young age. Not only are babies increasing their motor functions and brain development, but the parents can listen and feel involved in the process of their kid learning something new. This type of music education at such young age could change the entire way that education has worked in the past for infants. The multifaceted benefits of the program far outweigh the disincentives of a normal daycare education, now students go learn how to mix music with turntables and spin records instead of going to story-time. The school only costs 200 dollars per class and I believe signing a kid to this school will be one of the greatest investments that a parent can do for forging strong bonds with the

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