Power 106fm Essay

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Power 106Fm is broadcasting one of the largest Hip-hop and R&B radio stations in the Los Angles Community. During the weekdays from three pm to seven pm anyone may tune in to listen to the stations personal DJ, DJ Felli Fel. As everyone may know a DJ can turn listeners away or make everyone enjoy themselves and come back for more. Well in this situation this DJ was very enjoyable and would definitely have listeners coming back for more. As well as this station has an equal balance between commercials and music and overall has pure quality. It plays plenty of the newest and greatest hits and also voyages back to the past to keep everyone entertained. According to many individuals the worst part of listening to the radio are all the commercials. They feel as though commercials are just fillers and serve no real purpose. On power 106FM there is a subtle balance between commercials and music. While listening to this radio station for a full hour there were only 24 commercials. You may be thinking to yourself well I don’t want any commercials at all. Well out …show more content…

His persona he portrayed over the radio was very cool and collective. His best trait was the passion for music instead of the conceitedness of today’s djs. He only talked every 4-5 songs and for a maximum 30 seconds each time. As well as DJ Felli Fell knew when to get down to business. If the subject he was talking about was serious like a promotion, he would stop the music and express his thoughts. As well as if he was talking about something like top tweet of the day he kept the music going to make sure never to lose a listener. Only problem with this dj was when a new song came on he would never introduce the song. All the songs were mashed up and played one after the other. In certain situations this is amazing because he maintained a constant flow of music. However if it wasn’t for a music app I had, I would never know what the song was

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