Background. Inemerging Art Cities And Developing Countries(Bogotá,

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In emerging art cities and developing countries(Bogotá, Detroit, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and many more), one can find artists and designers that have a very important discourse, a speech they have developed through years of passion, perseverance and concentration. Most of the times, in order for their work to be known, they have to immigrate to art capitals and leave their reality behind.

In terms of traveling, these cities are somehow tainted as dangerous and non tourist cities. Nevertheless, one can find a growing cultural scene that involves young audiences creating and innovating, and a great sense of community and sustainability.

The problem: There is little to no promotion or
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In this case, the model´s purpose is to create those innovate experiences through culture and the arts.

Deliverable: The deliverable for the final project consists of the creation of a production, marketing and sponsorship. In addition to the first pilot that will be filmed in Detroit.

Project Goals:

Goal 1:Disseminate and promote the growing cultural and art scene in Detroit’s emerging art industry through the production of a pilot that will be aired in mass visualized platforms.

Objective 1: Initiate the pre-production stage of the project by researching the city’s history and cultural art scene.
Method 1: Conduct primary and secondary research about the city
Method 2: Create a list of venues and individuals that are key for the city’s cultural industry and development with their respective contact info.
Method 3: Purchase and plan travel arrangements.
Objective 2: Contact 10 main characters in Detroit’s art scene and schedule a remote meeting to talk about their projects and the recording.
Method 1: Write a professional introduction and first contact letter to send these ten main characters.
Method 2: Schedule the interviews and filming in Detroit.
Objective 3: Create a production plan that includes marketing strategies, budgeting, and sponsorship opportunities.
Method 1: Create a schedule for Detroit’s recording sessions.
Method 2:

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