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Stage 2 Research Project Assessment Type 1 Background on development of proposal When we started our project I was at first unsure of what topic I was going to choose. I knew I wanted to do something related to sport. It was after some deliberation on which I settled on my first question, “How does the body react to a torn Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and a journey on the path to recovery.” After doing most of my research and interviews, I realized I would not have enough information to use in my discussion, so I have had to change my question. I will still however use my interviews as it is still relevant to my proposal. Proposal My topic of choice is “What is the biomechanics of the ACL?” A big reason why I specifically chose the ACL is because not too many people know about it and how it works, also, I was witness to my brother tearing his ACL during a rugby match back in 2011. The injury occurred due to an illegal tackle although tearing the ACL commonly occurs by turning too quickly. It has, since then, amazed me how he was able to recover and lead his life normally. Also, I have always found the anatomy of ligaments and the human body to be interesting. So finally, 8 weeks into our project, I have settled on my proposal question. Researching process To begin my research, I would firstly need to find people who have had an ACL to interview and gain their consent to use our interviews in my folio. After this, I will have to research everything there is to know

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