Bandon Group: A Family Owned Office Equipment Business

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Purpose and Scope of Study
Bandon Group is a family owned distributor of office equipment. It is famous for its good customer service, technical support, and innovative products, and excellent in providing products with quality and services at cost-effective price (Summer, 2005). The Group now has four divisions, and they decentralize to meet the different needs of their local markets. Corporate headquarters handles the central administrations and information systems support.
Bandon Group, Inc. is currently attempting to discover how Information Technology can better support the overall missions, goals and objectives of the organization. Data is not currently integrated across the various divisions, which causes a duplication of effort,
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According to Summer (2005), the ERP system should meet these requirements:
To integrate internal and external resources. Production allows companies and departments to share information, to avoid lengthy processes and production management blind spots; integrating of supply chain resources to improve their core competitiveness.
To quickly meet customer’s demand. The market and customer information, order information, products and customer service feedback process through the ERP system analysis, and timely delivery to the ERP system and corporate planning departments, enhance the dynamic response capabilities, full reflect the needs of manufacturing companies according to market the idea.
To improve customer’s satisfaction. To strengthen customer loyalty and trust, to further strengthen the customer-centric business philosophy.
To improve cost management and profit, and to do loss analysis of efficiency. The product, inventory, and purchasing, administrative costs of the four processes of full control to ensure that the Group maximizes the benefits.
To develop new and highly integrated software-based system. To build up more intelligent business and scientific management.
The system should be developed according to the requirement of easy operation, friendly interface and flexible use safety. It is a customer relationship management system.

Current IT situation – Internal
Since early in the information technology, the

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