Banking Challenges in the 21st Century. What Banking Industry in the Face of 21st Century

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BANKING CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY. What banking industry in the face of 21st century Dr. Muhammad Anwar Hassan, Vice Chancellor, Preston University, Mr. Muhammad Humayun Khan, Chief Manager, State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank) Peshawar, Mr. Rashid Qazi, Vice President, PICIC Commercial Bank Ltd. Peshawar, Mr. Badar Hussain, Area Head North, MCB Peshawar, Mr. Tabraiz Hassan Butt, Regional Business/Operational Chief Peshawar, Fellow Bankers, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all I would like to congratulate the administration of Preston University Peshawar for organizing this Seminar. It was the earlier part of the 1990s when the inherent weaknesses of the banking structure were recognized and a comprehensive reform…show more content…
Therefore, going forward, the focus of human resource management should be to acquire technical expertise if the institutions intend to go along with the changing regulatory environment. Infrastructure Development: All around the world the share of private sector participation is increasing tremendously in the area of infrastructure development. Through most of 1990s, the investment in infrastructure projects with private participation rose steadily and of these the most successful projects were implemented in 136 low and middle income countries. In Pakistan, the conventional form of financing infrastructure projects only through Public Sector Development Programme has resulted in congestions and bottlenecks that have raised the need to find alternative way of fostering private-public partnership in the areas of infrastructure development. This success story of private sector in infrastructure development has also set challenges to the local banking industry to learn from the 3 experience of other emerging market economies and innovate and design the different modes of infrastructure
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