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Barco projection system as Barco N.V’s second largest division, its strategy to be successful in the market is to niche its product lines in the field of high-end markets. BPS aimed to enter any markets only if they had possessed in-depth knowledge and professional technology to be the top manufacturer about the industry. Moreover, Barco devoted itself into research and development of their products. So understanding the specific data and information is a very vital part of Barco’s employee culture. As an outstanding firm, Barco also took part into international expansion to further develop their company. Acquisitions and joint ventures outside the domestic market helped Barco gained large amount of profit for the company. 1 Describe …show more content…

The invention of Sony’s new model Sony 1270 was absolutely a shock to Barco. It has the scan rate of 75kHz for high quality performance in graphic segment. More importantly, Sony 1270 employed its news “tube 8”. In aspects of both the scan rate and tube, it had exceed the largest scan rate that Barco has and Barco was unable to apply “tube 8” in its own models. As Barco’s sole supplier of tube, Sony was well aware that Barco chose not to apply their newest tube 8 because of the square shape, which will cost Barco to change its model design completely. Most importantly, Sony is well known for its low price and reliable quality in the industry. Having developed the highest scan rate, the advantage of low price is for sure a very deadly move to Barco who has the high price and high-end brand image. In this case, Sony decided to reject BPS’s vision is because they had technology to challenge Barco and low price strategy to beat Barco. 4. How serious a threat is the Sony 1270? What are Sony’s objectives? The invention of Sony 1270 had threatened Barco in almost every perspective. First of all, Barco underestimated the features of the new model when predicting the price and scan rate of Sony’s new model. Out of Barco’s expectation, Sony 1270 is not only possessed the highest scan rate of 75 kHz in the market, but also applied its most updated tube 8. In a short period of time, Barco could not give immediate reacting

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