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Naturally, the boom of the separate Gold rushes in Western Canada was attractive to the common people for the possibility of attaining large profits in a smaller time period. Thus, the possibility was exciting to many, bringing over a plethora of people who formed communities centred on mining. As such, the large populations of people coming into the area and gaining land was more than enough to enrich and establish a new type of town-structure, this aptly labelled as mining towns. Ultimately, the fate of these types of towns are definite as each of them reach a fate that is reminiscent of the nature of the gold rushes; temporary fads that attracted many, but wouldn’t last long. Either way, a common town referencing the historical events of…show more content…
Accordingly, the town is preserved, taking its natural state as it had from the ears it started development. All things considered, historically speaking the town was a product of the excitement of the Fraser River gold rush, the town starting from crude shanties on claimed land from William Barker. (Quackenbush) Eventually, it later on developed with access to commonalities held in most towns like shops, and public utilities as well as buildings meant for entertainment. Of course, the population of said town fluctuated based on the amount of mining which was done over time, while eventually the dying excitement did see a steady decline of miners in the population. Yet, the as the population died down, the town saw an eventual eruption of fire on September 16th, 1868; engulfing the town in flames while only a few buildings remained, marking the end of the town. ("The Cariboo Gold Rush Barkerville Section") Similarly, more towns experienced a similar fate resulting in the eventual abandonment of the town. Particularly, another town referred to as “the boom town of Bennet,” had this issue during the Klondike Gold Rush. Consequently, at the boom town of Bennett, it would exhibit similar…show more content…
Therefore, each of them each saw steady success while they would fall into
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