Baroque Music And The Baroque Era

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Baroque music began in Italy and it spread to all other parts of Europe. The musical characters in the baroque era pursued interests in subjectivity of the observers and created a deep human feeling while composing their music (Harbison 22). This character of the baroque artists is depicted in several works done by Michelangelo. One of the pieces of art was campidoglio on the hill capitalino. The picture above takes the structure of a sculpture and it is placed in a three dimension space having different open square loggia. It has lamps on the staircase as shown and there are various sculptures existing. In relation to baroque music, as a person climbs the staircases near the lamp areas, the visuals effects changes with time as he …show more content…

In such kinds of music the major has high range, the various consonants, and the fast tempo in the music representing joy in the making of the music and the minor such as dissonant, the slow tempo and low pitch in the music are used to represent the general feelings of sadness.
The messiah is characterized by an orchestral restraint something that was ignored by other musicians who adopted the same genre of music, for example, Mozart (Steinberg 154). According to Lorraine Hunt and Nicholas CD, the messiah begins with a quiet note, whereby the first chorus is paved the way for by musical instruments (Lorraine and Nicholas).The whole oratorio does not have any particular key but music specialists have concluded that it tends to lean towards an E major. “I Know My Redeemer Lives”, music is far field from E major, which is a major scale specifically based on E. It has a three-part A-B-A structure and an obbligato trumpet that is expected by an opera audience (Frideric 47). .
The opening soprano for part three,” I Know My Redeemer Lives” features a simple violin accompaniment. The first scene tells of the resurrection of Christ based on the teachings of Job. Soprano air starts in the part of the song “I know that my redeemer liveth and that he shall stand…” and dominates the whole part of the music. This helps in creating emotions and feelings to

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