Barry Marshall Essay

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Barry Marshall who was born in September, 30 1951 is famously known for his helicobacter pylori. He is an Australian physician. He was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, then moved to Perth. He attended many different colleges such as University of Western Australia which he got a Bachelor of Medicine and of Surgery. He was married in 1972 and had many children. In 1979 he was offered to Registrar in Medication at Royal Perth hospital. Where he began his studies in gastritis with Robin Warren in 1981. They studied bacteria which led to the culture of H. pylori because of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. H. Pylori is a study of bacteria that they believed couldn’t live in the environment of the stomach. Berry knew his studies were correct, more and more scientist started urging to read and test the theory/evidence. …show more content…

He decided to test it on himself. He drank a petri dish containing the h pylori. He was expecting a difference in years to come. But realized after 3 days he had nausea. Due to the fact of the achlorhydria which kills the bacteria in the stomach. After day 5-8 he had none acidic vomiting. During day 8 he had a biopsy that showed gastritis. On the 14th day after many days of ingestion a third endoscopy was done and he was forced to take antibiotics. After the experiment Marshall continued to research H. pylori at UWA. Then he accepted an appointment at Pennsylvania State University. Barry Marshall and Ryan Warren discovered bacteria in the stomachs with people with gastritis. This test promoted that bacteria is a factor of these diseases. The results were prevailing that they were physiological not infectious. It was a cure of ulcers. He was then awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal of Sciences in 1999. The Keio in 2002 and the Australian in 2003. He was rewarded Companion of Australia in 2007. Then in 2009 he was awarded Doctor of Science by University of

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