Basic Tools Of Value Stream Mapping Essay

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This project work has given very good information on the usage of the major tools of Value stream mapping. It has also provided me knowledge on the Single piece flow, Cell design, material presentation & super market to support for the Takted manufacturing assembly cell. A lot of analysis like PQ, Capacity Analysis, line balancing for cell design and super market, material presentation & water spider for wastes elimination from the assembly process. 6.1.1 Action completed per plan before Mid Semester Activities Completion date Status 1 Detailed study of literature study about VSM and under process. 26-Jul-16 Completed 2 Collection of data process and demand analysis. 26-Aug-16 Completed 3 Determine lean principles and manufacturing process & application of lean tools - current state. 29-Aug-16 Completed 4 Determine current state process maturity level, lean logistics principle & Manufacturing Principles. 1-Sep-16 Completed 5 Analyzing build sequence based on assembly requirement. 5-Sep-16 Completed 6 Walk on shop floor and map the current process. 12-Sep-16 Completed 7 Submission of mid semester report. 16-Sep-16 Completed Table 2.3 6.1.2 Action completed per plan after Mid semester Activities Completion date Status 1 Future state analysis and map processes & identify improvement areas 27-Sep-16 Completed 2 Determine cell design, layout changes, level loading production (line balancing) 3-Oct-16 Completed 3 Balanced receipt and Implementing
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