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Exam one Study Guide: Basic Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy- the study of structure Subdivisions: -Gross (macroscopic) – visible to the naked eye, such as surface area, regional areas or anatomy systems -Microscopic – extremely small areas that usually need a microscope to be seen such as cytology (the study of the shape and function of plant or animal cells) or histology ( the study of the microscopic structure of tissue) -Developmental- compared to the evolutional study of something such as embryology ( the study of the development of an embryo) Physiology- the study of function at many different levels I.E. Such as the organ systems Subdivisions: -Is based on where an organ is placed within the body …show more content…

wrist muscle in forearm) - Also some people have extra pieces in their body (i.e. nerves) - May be asymptomatic (no problems) or symptomatic (problems) one being people having nerve problems Body Cavities: -Dorsal: Protects nervous system -Subdivisions: Cranial (brain) & Vertebral (Spinal Cord) -Ventral: Holds internal organs -Subdivisions: Thoracic (ribcage) & Abdominopelvic (Abdomen and pelvis) Serous Membrane: - Double layered membrane that is separated by fluid - Parietal: lines body walls -Visceral: lines internal organs Regions: Nine Regions: - Right Hypochondriac Region: Organs found in this region are

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