Battery Nanotechnology Essay

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INTRODUCTION The battery is a device that changes part control into electricity. Similar to mainly necessary inventions, this device has many different versions make from the 19th century, manufacture the history of the battery quite interesting. The battery is mixtures of many different basics that have produce new and creative ways of making through the understanding of its design, used for almost every part of modern life. It is important to know the general idea of how the battery works. A battery consists of one or more electrochemical cells. Cells are measured the key unit of which batteries are created. A cell is set with four general components. It has a helpful electrode that receives electrons from the external track when…show more content…
An environmental arrangement is mentioned in order to decrease the excess and for the security of the environment. At last a discussion on the protection of intellectual property is discussed. TECHNOLOGY PLANS Technology plan is expected for an organization. Technology Plan will present the accurate management of resources according to the main concern. Creating something new can be termed as innovation. There are different kinds of innovation models. Innovation models are very important as these plays a major part in the growth of technology plan. Innovation will profile the process. The “technology push” and “need pull” are the two necessary words of Innovation Process. In technology push, new opportunity is coming out from research works. Need pull is the mother of innovation. It means that market will request the need of something new. In a fact state both the technology push and need pull should be the same. The relations of both the variables should be equal. Innovation is a difficult process. Most innovation starts with some problems like confused, false starts, problem with the recycling of steps and so on. There are three types of Innovations. First of all Disruptive Innovation, the second open Innovation and third is closed Innovation Disruptive Innovation can be defined as structure of a process which describes a sort of market scheme. According to Clayton, disruptive Innovation
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