Battles That Help United States Win Independence from Britian

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Have you ever wondered,what are the battles that helped the US win our independence from Britain? The Battle of Trenton wasn't simply a battle, it had been a historical moment where it was basicly a turning point for the american troops this battle helped gain the morale of Washington's troops and gained the desire to fight on.But this is not the only battle that was necessary to the Revolutionary War,The Battle of Saratoga this battle was, in addition to the others, a great battle as a result of here the American forces stopped to any other further advances from British troops.Finally, The Battle of yorktown this battle not only was the time the american troops were on the brink to winning their independence it had been a very tough …show more content…

burgoyne was to lead a group south from Canada, another group of troops, lead by colonel St. Leger, was to join from Canada, and General Howe was to join from new york. The British wanted to take management of the Hudson valley and cut off New England from the other colonies and force an end to the U.S. rebellion. General burgoyne took off from St. Johns with around 9,000 men in June.The first battle of Freeman's Farm occurred September 19th, 1777, it's also called the first Battle of Bemis Heights. The battle began on the morning of the 19th when British General Burgoyne began to maneuver his army of 3 columns south to attack patriot General Horatio Gates. Gates was headquartered about four miles from Burgoyne at Bemis Heights.The Battle of Saratoga set the fate of British General John Burgoyne's army in the american Revolutionary War.Of these battles: the battles of battle of Saratoga and Trenton. The battle of Yorktown was the battle that we won our independence. it had been the last battle of the Revolutionary War. General Cornwallis who was the british commander realized that day, that he was outnumbered nearly three times by the Continental Army lead by Washington, alongside the French allied ships blocking Chesapeake Bay from British Navy support, general Cornwallis realized that he had no alternative and surrendered.shortly once the treaty of paris was signed that ended the American Revolutionary War theses Battles weren't simply

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