Essay On BBC Media Coverage

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This essay will argue that whilst the BBC media coverage of my chosen article has good attributes, there is a lack of extensiveness and some of the information that is presented to the reader is misleading. Throughout this essay I will analyse the original research study and compare the findings to previous research. Secondly, an analysis of the media’s article will be conducted, before comparing it the research study. Lastly, I will conclude that the BBC’s representation of the study is imprecise and biased as they excluded limitations and misrepresented the method and findings, thus impacting the readers ability to acquire precise and impartial information.
Alloway, McCallum, Alloway and Hoicka (2015) recruited participants between the ages of six and seven to assess whether verbal working memory (WM) has a significant influence on verbal deceptive abilities in children. They used an independent groups design to compare the results of verbal and visuospatial WM memory between the experimental condition which had 114 participants and the control condition had 21 participants. The children played a multiple choice trivia game and were categorised as being good liars (GL) or bad liars (BL) based on how they answered entrapment questions, which were used to detect which children looked at the answer when the experimenter wasn’t present. Subsequently, the researchers conducted a letter recall task which assessed participant’s verbal WM abilities and a shape recall test examined

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