Be Sure You 're Right, Then Go Ahead : The Davy Crockett Gun Craze

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In the article, “Be Sure You 're Right, Then Go Ahead: The Davy Crockett Gun Craze" by Sarah Nilsen, the author tries to show how the gun crazy brought on by the Davy Crockett TV show of the 50s munipulated the viewers into accepting childhood gunplay as harmless. She states, "I intend to cast some light on the way that children 's television programming, and in particular Disney, was able to motivate a particular conception of guns in American culture, while effectivelly diffusing broader social concerns and criticisms over gunplay". She also ties this gun crazy to the National Rifle Association by their use of the social media of that era. And that the NRA used the populaity of the Disney show Davy Crockett, to promote their agenda by showing our historical past was centered on the gun and its ' use on the frontier by early Americas settlers. This was done to try and ease adults fear of childhood gunplay. Some government officials and adults believed the acceptance of childhood gunplay may have been the cause of the increase in juvenile delinquency. She also made reference to WWII, the fear of Communism and the returning war vets and how this led to the increase in the production and sale of guns. I found much of Nilsen 's ideas and facts very interesting but at times a little confusing and lacking in additional information. Nilsen relates that the increased popularity of guns for adults, was brought on by violent TV programing, movies, WWII and Communism.

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