Beauty And The Beast Of Advertising

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Riding in the backseat of the car, I am observing the world without noticing. Billboards are passing, the radio is playing, and storefronts are prominent. Ubiquitous advertisements meet the eye and this acquaintance is influential at the most influencing time of one’s adolescent life. The marketer’s goal is to find new and creative ways to advertise to young adults. By making ads bigger, brighter, and more animated in order to reach them in the schoolhouse, through textbooks, and technology. As this is business as usual for marketers, these persuasive communication techniques unconsciously, psychologically, and cognitively effect the minds of the younger generation. Not only influencing them, but also blinding them to the bottom line and selling a product at any cost. Sadly, this practice robs youth of their innocence.
As Jean Kilbourne states in her article “Beauty and the Beast of Advertising”, “adolescents are particularly vulnerable because they are new and inexperienced consumers and are the prime targets of many advertisements.” Marketers make it their obligation to advertise in places such as the schoolhouse to take advantage of the product promotion power that school environments hold. It used to be that school was a safe haven for youth from the advertising that surrounded them in the outside world but lack of funding has led schools head decision makers to onboard corporations in exchange for funding for educational material. Consequently, this allows marketers to

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