Becoming A Human Resources Representative At The Ski Resort Of My Choice

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For the past decade I have been on an extraordinary journey to discover my place in this world. Through trials and tribulations I have stumbled upon my desire to form a cohesive and constructive union between employee and employer. My decision to pursue a bachelors degree in business management human resources stems from my experiences throughout my working years. Planning a successful future for my daughter and I, will motivate me to stay on track during the pursuit for my degree. With help from my family, peers and proper prioritizing, I believe that I will accomplish my goal of becoming a human resources representative at the ski resort of my choice

My main goal in life has simply been, to do good. Well, that is no longer good …show more content…

I have struggled to regain my education and as a mother, I will do everything in my power to ensure my child does not face this dilemma. By the time I get my degree she will be 7 years old and will get to whiteness how hard I have worked to accomplish my goals. Once I get my degree, I can finally have my dream career. With the gained skills needed to accomplish my professional goals I can also focus on my personal goals. We can go back home to our family and the place I love most of all. I can spend more time taking pictures, go snowboarding and volunteering at the SPCA.

I will not be able to do it alone. I have struggled with transportation, daycare, and funds to keep us feed and in a safe living environment. Recently, we experienced an extreme domino affect of unforeseen events, leaving my daughter and I without a home. I reached out to friends and family and was able to find a place for my daughter and I to stay. I moved from California to New Mexico in November. Once I arrived, I got busy. I applied for all government assistance, and applied to every open position I could find. With in a month I was offered 3 jobs. I took two of them and worked every single day for a month straight. I bought myself a cheap car and then moved into a studio apartment near my daycare and no to far from work. I am not one to sit around and expect things to

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