Becoming A Teacher At A Private School

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Research into this career has expanded my knowledge excessively. Such as, there is a process which has steps to becoming a teacher. Step one includes, learning about the education system. Step two is to, decide if teaching is right for you. Obviously teaching is not the correct job for someone who does not like children. Step three, find a degree program. Step four, choose the correct specialty; in my case art. Step five, gain classroom experience. Step six, qualify for certification. Then, step seven, get hired. Which results in step eight and nine, professional expectations, benefits and teaching contracts. Finally step ten, the first year of teaching.
The education system is broken up into public and private education, there is a large difference between them. When attempting to become a teacher at a private school, it may not be required to have certification for their state or a teaching degree. Private schools are independent of the local, federal and state government and establish their own individual education system. Ages ranging from kindergarteners to high school adults can attend these schools when accepted and charged a tuition. On the other hand, public schools are offered by the government and the curriculum taught follows national and state standards; which is checked on and insured by standardized testing. There is a limit for age, from kindergarten to twelfth grade; and when students become enrolled, they stay until a certain age or grade. There are a

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