Behavior of the Student

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Chapter 1
Problem and Its Background
This chapter covers the introduction, the theories related to it, the conceptual framework, the statement of the problem, its significance to the group of individual, the scope and limitations, and the definition of important terms used in the study.

Introduction The study of human behavior is absolutely essential for anyone to cultivate positive relations with others and avoid unnecessary conflict. The study of human behavior needs to be part of any educational curriculum program. The study of human behavior helps one to understand that it’s part of our human nature to make mistakes, that good intentions lead to mishaps and that stuff happens. We’ve got to be cognizant of this knowledge in
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A person classifies his preferences which govern his behavior and action. Value actually guide man’s behavior and decision as he related himself in most situations in life. Every individual has his own personal values that influence his dealings and reactions to circumstances.

Conceptual Framework

Assessment of problems thru: 1. Observation 2. Survey 3. Analysis
* Highly motivated students * Active participants on interactive discussions * Improved teaching strategies of teachers * Innovative school administrators * Responsive government officials


1. What makes the students misbehave inside the classroom 2. Effect of the enumerated factors in the student’s misbehavior. 3. Causes of students misbehavior.


Figure 1. Paradigm

As shown in paradigm, the study seeks to find out whether the factors inside the classroom affecting the misbehavior of the student. Using the IPO model, the inputs phase shows what contributed most to the students’ misbehavior; how the following factors are affecting the misbehavior of the students inside the classroom such as teacher, classmates, and classroom environment; what are the causes of misbehavior of the student inside the classroom. The process phase covers the process of activities which the study undertakes like gathering data from group of respondents as well as

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