Bellboy Case Research Methods in Marketing Essay

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BELLBOY CASE MKTG D50 Report Group 6

BELLBOY CASE MKTG D50 Report Group 6
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (SWB)
Research Design:
The survey objective is set to measure the customer’s interest of a new service known as BELLBOY. SWB would like to acquire both existing (customers who have the intention to buy) and potential (customers who have interest but are still reluctant to purchase) demand. SWB believes that existing and potential demands constitute unmet demand.
SWB went with the telephone survey, which is a descriptive research method, to gauge the interest of the BELLBOY service. This method was used due since all businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area had
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With these generally specific questions, many participants could underestimate the broad scope of what SWB is trying to gauge, and could thus opt out of the survey before fully understanding the product and thus decreasing demand.
Various choices of words employed in the survey posses some ambiguity, and that may cause respondents to not understand the question and not seem interested. For example, the word ‘familiar’ in question 2 and ‘reasonable’ ‘monthly rate’ in question 3 don’t mean the same thing amongst respondents. For question 2, interval scale could’ve been utilized to gauge level of familiarity, and for question 3, price factors may steer customers away from being interested.
Analysis and Conclusion
The survey administered by Peters Marketing Research for the purpose of measuring customers’ interest in BELLBOY would tend to understate the true unmet demand for the service due to the sample and questionnaire design. This will be discussed in details as follows.
The sampling frame includes only businesses that already have a telephone number with the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (SWB). It excludes businesses that currently use other companies’ services or no services at all. The omission of these organizations would tend to understate true demand as they may be interested in using the BELLBOY service as well.
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