`` Beloved `` By Toni Morrison

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Gothic Literature normally, if not always, has a haunting. In “Beloved” by Toni Morrison there is a haunting of 124. 124 is being haunted by Sethe’s daughter who is the character Beloved. The haunts in Gothic Literature can also be a non-physical haunting, a haunting in the head. Sethe has not been haunted by Beloved physically, but mentally. The bond that a mother has for a child is so tight and loving. There is no real way to understand this bond unless someone has personally been a mother. The bond is beautiful, so imagine the horrors Sethe lived in her head every time she thought of her children. Sethe attempted to take her children’s lives when Schoolteacher threatened to take them back to the South. Sethe did it to save her kids from the horrors she faced, but killing anything you love that much can be devastating. A reader can tell through the course of the story that something is bothering her. She has seen terrible things in her life, experienced terrible things. Sethe was beat. Once she was beaten so bad that it made a “tree” of scars (Beloved, 20). Paul D. inspected the wounds almost 20 years later touching the tree, “None of which Sethe could feel because her black skin had been dead for years.” (Beloved, 21). This poor woman was not only a slave, she was beaten and her “Milk was stolen”. No human being should ever have to go through such a beating. Sethe had gone through a lot, and she simply did not want her children to go through the same things. Sethe had

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