Beloved By Toni Morrison: Independent Study

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My topic for my Independent Study Project is the way Toni Morrison, author of Beloved, uses the supernatural to retell a true story ("Margaret Garner Incident ") of Sethe , a former slave's past. The story of Sethe's previous life as a slave is brought to life by a ghost that is said to be her dead daughter Beloved whom she murdered 18 years ago (Demme, Beloved). Beloved, first a ghost, who then possesses a body of a young woman, recaps Sethe's choices she made to protect her child from a life of slavery. From the above, it is accurate to say that Morrison uses the power of the supernatural to retell the story of a harsh and abusive life as a slave living in the 1800's ("Toni Morrison- Beloved ").
I will attempt to prove that Morrison creates

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