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Beloved by Morrison

Beloved is the tale of an escaped slave, Sethe, who is trying to achieve true freedom. Unfortunately, though she is no longer in servitude to a master, she is chained to her "hainted" past. Morrison effectively depicts the shattered lives of Sethe, her family, fellow former slaves, and the community through a unique writing style. The narrative does not follow a traditional, linear plot line. The reader discovers the story of Sethe through fragments from the past and present that Morrison reveals and intertwines in a variety of ways. The novel is like a puzzle of many pieces that the reader must put together to form a full picture. Through this style, which serves as a metaphor for the broken lives of her …show more content…

About twelve yards beyond that nigger was another one—a woman with a flower in her hat. Crazy too, probably, because she too was standing stock still—but fanning her hands as though pushing cobwebs out of her way" (175).
By telling the narrative from so many points of view, Morrison is able to connect the lives of her characters through shared memories, memories that bind people together in a shadowed present. The memories become even more haunting and real, when Morrison's characters depart from traditional story-telling and reveal their stories through stream of consciousness or verse. In book two, Sethe remembers dramatic episodes from her life in bits and pieces, through thoughts and emotions. Morrison even types the text in a disjointed way with unusual spaces between sentence fragments. Sethe also speaks to Beloved in verse, but within the text the voices of Beloved and Sethe become one. "You are my face; I am you. Why did you leave me who am you?; I will never leave you again; Don't ever leave me again; You will never leave me again; You went in the water; I drank your blood; I brought your milk" (256). Another literary device Morrison uses is the flashback. She writes in a style similar to the way Quentin Tarantino directs movies, with powerful flashbacks clouding the distinctions of time. Sethe's memories of the murder of Beloved, being raped, having her breast milk taken from her, and her

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