Benefits Of Making The First Option

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In every negotiation an initial offer is made by one of the negotiating parties. Making the first move can be an effective strategy in the process and costly if the person making the initial offer in inadequately prepared. The ability to manipulate the other party’s expectations and set parameters for the process, are some benefits of making the first offer in negotiation. Making the first offer orients your opponent to think about the offer presented in relationship to their bottom line when counter offering. Submitting your position first gives you a tactical advantage or the upper hand because, you establish a reference point, where your opponent focuses on the best qualities about your offer drawing them into your suggested range (Herman 2015). Especially in “situations of great ambiguity and uncertainty, first offers have a strong anchoring effect” (Galinsky and Mussweiler, 2011), and influences the other party’s responses. The natural response of directing your opponent’s thoughts to their bottom line and you to your goal manipulates your opponent’s expectations and strengthens your position for the negotiation outcome (Galinsky 2004). Because expectations drive behavior, you are able to manage the other party’s expectations and final outcome. Another benefit of making the first offer is the ability to set parameters’ and control the overall dialogue of the negotiation process. When you make the first offer, you give your opponent a sense of what is in and what is

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