Wind Turbine Thesis

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Name: Chaitanya Polaki
Proposed Title: Benefits of the Vertical axis wind turbine
Problem or Thesis Statement: The VAWT is better than the HAWT in wind power plants because VAWT significantly requires less installation room, has low-cost efficiency, decreased mechanical vibrational stress, and much higher output efficiency.

A. Large scale industries, mostly depend upon the HAWT and is estimated that the coefficient of output energy is almost 0.5 i.e. 90% acquired through HAWT whereas the VAWT gives about 0.4 factor of output power, so is it necessary to design, establish and implement VAWT in the industries?
B. In past, humans fully depend upon the nonrenewable sources like …show more content…

A. Brown, ).
C. The VAWT is better than the HAWT in wind power plants because VAWT significantly requires less installation room decreased mechanical vibrational stress, much higher output efficiency, and is a lot easier to construct.
A. Although the HAWT are mostly for the large scale industries and remote areas, in the urban region and small scale industries target mostly VAWT. The flow of the wind in urban areas is less, area occupying by the VAWT motor and blades is less because this part is small and vital to run the wind turbine, and the noise pollution is less due to small design model and flexible composite blades. Not only acoustic pollution is less, but also the structural design and safety problems restricts the usage of HAWT in urban areas (Yang Zhong-Jia). The blades of HAWT a must be made of are metals and the ratio of the wind blade length, thickness and width are more which leads to more stress on the blades and motor rotating the turbine.
B. Turbine Blades and internal parts such as motors are the main part of the Windmill. Materials used in the HAWT lead to effect more cost. Unlike the materials of VAWT, the materials of HAWT are made of high composites metals and steel blades, power required to store the energy in the end in the generator is more, and it must be installed near offshore or remote areas (K. A. Brown*). However the turbine blades made up of composite materials such

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