Benefits Of Weight Training Is Right

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Whether or not weight training is right has been a controversial issue; warning that it could lead to injury. Children and adolescents can enhance their muscle strength with regular workouts. As maintained by (Rahl, 2010), weight training should be done under the professional provision to ensure that it’s effective and safe. Risks of injury, among the youth under the strength training program are similar to those from other forms of sports and exercise. It can also be noted that the advantages of strength training outweigh the risks of injury (4). There are many short and long-term benefits that are accrued by a youth from the regular exercise regimen. As written by (Muth, 2015), the individual improves his Intellectual Quotient, brainpower, thinking, immune system, sleep patterns, moods, motor performance skills and energy levels. The child also reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Exercises also reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality since it makes the human body better in the development and aging process. Balanced muscle excercise helps a youth gain resistance and stability from exercise (292). In the words of (Corbin, 2014), physical exercises are encouraged among the youth since they have a high risk of becoming obese. They consume food with high contents of nutrients that facilitate their growth. They can benefit from regular exercise since body organs develop as a result of generic factors and organs are

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