Benefits That Bring Health Practice Of Physical Activity

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Abstract The benefits that bring health practice of physical activity performed regularly and the risks involved in sedentary, especially of the elderly, lifestyles have been widely established in numerous epidemiological studies in recent years. However, the sedentary lifestyle of our society is becoming a constant threat to public health, which is carrying to professionals from the health sector to adopt targeted measures to promote the physical activity of the society in general and elderly people in particular. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of seniors who perform physical activity, although this continues to be scarce and insufficient (Gonzalo and Pasarin, 2004). Also, we are seeing a considerable increase in the number of older people in society and it is estimated that this increase is progressive in recent years. For the year 2050 is estimated the Group of older people has tripled. Public authorities therefore have a responsibility to ensure the health of the elderly, so that they can carry out his life with full autonomy (Merino, 2002). Importance of physical activity in older people Physical activity constitutes together with the power the two key elements that define the life expectancy of persons (Ramos, 2002). Currently, no group of society can get more benefits from the food and physical activity to the Group of older persons (Drewnowki and Evans, 2001). Both factors have a vital role in the promotion of health and
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