Bernard Sanders

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The 2016 Presidential Campaign candidate, Bernie Sanders, believes in creating a better America. In proving to the American people, rich and poor, how great the country can be if all people vote for who is trusted best as future President of the United States. The political figures in government care about money and wealth, not the people. Bernard Sanders would be the best choice for President for the main reason that he is concerned that the issues in America creates inequality for the people. Sanders supports social and economic equality.
Since 1981, when Bernard Sanders became Mayor of Burlington, Vermont (GOT THIS FROM PAGE 9), Sanders has strongly held true to what is most significant to the people of the United States. Every person in …show more content…

In 1983, Sanders showed support for civil rights by expressing the right of gay and lesbians to have a “Lesbian and Gay Pride Day”(GOT THIS FROM PAGE 185). As part of the social movements of homosexuals, Sanders supported the pride parade. Despite all the hate mail, Sanders said it is an American right for anyone to march. A day for gay pride became official by a “seven-to-six vote” (GOT THIS FROM PG 186). (GOT THIS FROM PG 185-7). To this day, LGBT Pride Parades exist to celebrate their human rights. For Bernie Sanders, this was the beginning towards greater protection for equality of minority …show more content…

John Nicholas interviewed Bernie Sanders for, The Nation, a journal on politics, about his views on a few issues being addressed by all candidates. During the civil-rights movement, Sanders was a supporter of Martin Luther King Jr’s vision. A non-white person has the right to freedom, like any other person. To this present day, inequality and discrimination is a real issue. Sanders points out police brutality against African-Americans is nothing new. However, his main concern is that people know about inequality toward blacks but do not know that the unemployment rate for the African-American youth is at fifty percent. (GOT FROM PG 14). A percentage that high on unemployment rate is an economic problem for the country. Racism continues to exist in America. Racial equality is a vital issue to

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