Bernice L. Hausman

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I chose this topic because I believe it is related to my major. I also would be interested in learning more about it. I am a nursing major so I have an affinity for health topics. I chose this topic because I believe it will add to the background knowledge needed to understand why it is important to be involved in environmental causes.

Bernice L. Hausman is the author of this work and is a professor at Virginia Tech. She teaches courses in medical humanities, medical rhetoric, theories of the body, feminist and literary theory, and women’s literature. The source comes from Hypatia, a journal of feminist philosophy. This is trustworthy because it has been published since the 1980s and is based out of Villanova University. The main argument of this article is the effect the environment has on a maternal body, breast feeding, and HIV transmission. Environmental, economic, social and cultural forces present the state of a woman’s body. A feminist perspective is shown to help understand the disease ramification in relation to gender differences and women’s social and political position. This source is convincing and current. It was published within 10 years …show more content…

She currently is a sociology professor at Rutgers University. The source is from Gender and Society which is peer-reviewed so we know it is trustworthy. This article introduces the concept of ‘precautionary consumption’ which means being vigilant about personal exposure to environmental chemicals. Through a series of interviews, the author meets with women and determines their knowledge on environmental factors that negatively affect women’s health. This source is useful in that it shows how little women know about what the environment is doing to our bodies and provides education about it effects. This is a current article written in 2014. This piece complements my other articles. This addresses the topic on an individual

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