Best Friends For Life Essay

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Best Friends for Life
By: Marellus Sawyer
"Morgan? You asleep?" Dallas asked me while looking ahead at the road.
I was laying back in my seat, staring out the passenger window at the trees whizzing by.
It was a hot summer night and we had driven down to Detroit to watch a Tigers game. We were headed north to home, almost a 4.5 hour drive.
I 'm not sure why I didn 't answer him. I pretended to be asleep and looked out the window, lost in my thoughts.
Dallas turned up the radio a bit and sang along off-key to The Fray.
Dallas is my best friend. I owed everything to him. When I moved next door to him when I was 10 years old, we became instant best friends. I hung out with the popular crowd at school because of him. I made the baseball team …show more content…

Dallas was hot. At least he was to me. He had thick brown hair and blue eyes. His body was ripped. He had a goatee on his chin.
We were both about the same height, me at 6 '0" and him at 6 '1". He had about 10 pounds of muscle on me, but we were both built similarly. We could even share clothes if we wanted.
I had blue eyes and dark blond hair, but I kept my hair buzzed pretty short.
When we passed a sign that said "REST AREA: 2 MILES", Dallas muttered "Oh, man. Thank God. I gotta piss so fucking bad."
Dallas pulled into the deserted rest stop and nudged my arm.
"Morgan. You need to piss?"
I sat up. "Yeah."
"Fuck, dude. I 'm gonna piss my pants," he laughed as he parked the car.
He shut the engine off and practically sprinted to the small building. I was right behind him. I looked around and there was no one around. It was pretty late, after midnight. There were a few semi-trucks parked on the truck side of the parking lot, but otherwise it was deserted. It was dark and kind of scary and it freaked me out a little bit.
Dallas was unzipping his shorts as soon as we were in the restroom. He made a beeline for the last stall and I took the one next to him. I could hear him loudly pissing into the bowl. I pulled out my dick and let loose my own stream.
"Fuck, that feels good!" Dallas shouted over the stall wall.
I tried not to think about Dallas next door with his dick in his hand. I finished pissing and was shaking off when I heard him

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