Personal Narrative: Val's Cheesecakes

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I follow 1,653 accounts on Instagram. The accounts vary from celebrities to bloggers to eateries to people that I actually know in real life. I'm not exactly sure how or even when I discovered Val's Cheesecakes on Instagram but Jesus knows that I am grateful that I did. Somebody wave your hand and say "THANK YOU JESUS!" Hallelujah! Ok I'm back from my mini praise break. I've gone to Dallas several times and everytime I was there, I wasn't sure where to go. I would come back to Shreveport, see pictures and be jealous of everyone enjoying their whole, slices and jars of cheesecake heaven. Well owner, Valery Jean-Bart must have heard my cry and frustration and opened up a storefront just for me! Ok well maybe not JUST for me but a girl can dream. This weekend, my friend Alysia and I decided to take the kiddie kids to Dallas for a weekend of speed and waterpark fun. When the decision was made that Dallas was our destination, I IMMEDIATELY knew that …show more content…

I was considering the taco-loco but Val himself told me that he was about to top some banana pudding so I was sold on that! Everyone else in our group had already placed their orders and before I was even done talking, all of their cheesecakes were GONE! I did have a bite of Alysia's daughter's cookies and cream and my taste buds were pleased. My order ended up being a banana pudding AND a key lime. While inhaling these sweet treats, I silently thanked Jesus with every bite. If there was ever any doubt that God is real, this cheesecake assured me. As I tell you all about this, I'm praising Him in my seat for Val's cheesecake. Basically, if you visiting the Dallas area, go check them out! Make time to go here! You won't regret it. If you live in Dallas, go check them out! Pre-order a whole cheesecake and send me half!

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