Big Boss Juicer Review

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Juicer Review
Getting the benefit of fruits produce all at once without the stress of worrying about how well your body will digest is one of the prime features of Juicing. The art of juicing involves crushing the pulp of food produce to extract juice and essential phytonutrients. Furthermore, the process of extracting juice is dependent on the juicer being used; the centrifugal juicers use high spinning blades to crush pulp and extract juice in seconds while the masticating juicer mimics the chewing and grinding motion of the mouth to get maximum yield from fruits and vegetables in minutes.
Procuring a Juicer can be quite daunting for first-timers as there are many Juicers with different specs, some of which are of no use to the user. Therefore,
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Relatively fast for a masticating juicer, it runs on a 150 watt motor at low rpm to squeeze the pulp from fruits and vegetables to get a rich nutrient filled juice with a longer shelf-life than that produced by a Centrifugal juicer. This Big Boss masticating juicer is easy to operate as it comes with easily assembled parts.
At 10.3 pounds, this compact designed juicer is a perfect fit for the kitchen table top. It operates with minimal noise and can be used any time of the day without any hassles. It also comes with a 10-minute continuous operation and safety precautions to prevent overheating.
Features of the Big Boss Cold Press Heavy Duty Slow Masticating Juicer
A 3 inch wide Feed chute. This extremely wide for a masticating juicer and it saves time the time needed to cut these produce into little bits furthermore, this appliance comes with a plunger to gently push down the produce.
Offers 10 minutes of continuous use; definitely for heavy juicers and it comes with safety function that turns off the juicer in order to cool down.
Compact design; This is a perfect fit for a kitchen counter-top and also comes in white color for that aesthetic
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