Big Sky Brew Case Study

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Big Sky Brewing Company was established in 1993 in Missoula, Montana. Neal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson were the founders. According to the Big Sky Brew website, Brad and Neal had been home brewers in Michigan since the mid 1980’s. They both moved to Missoula, Montana where they fell in love with the Bayern Brewing Company and were very impressed with their lagers. They met Bjorn at the sporting goods store that they temporarily worked at. Bjorn had found out that they were home brewers and wanted to try some. He thought it was so good that he gave them the idea to start up a small town brewing company just like Bayern, since he had his bachelor’s in finance he would take care of the business aspect of the business. From…show more content…
We fell this is a weakness because image is an important factor in any product. This also limits Big Sky Brewery’smarketing ability to a small percentage of the of age alcohol consumers. The names of the beers might also turn off a certain age group or class. As for their strengths in marketing, Big Sky Brewery is up to date with what their completion is doing. In the case study there are tables that show Big Sky Brewery’s competitors focal markets. This helps Big Sky Brewery know where they stand, ways to improve their company, and ways to help overcome their competitors. Additionally, parts of their website have strengths. For example, the “Moose Drool Moments” really personalized their site and makes the customers feel a part of the company. Overall we feel that Big Sky Brewery website is strength over its competitors. After looking at the SLO Brewery website, we found that Big Sky Brewery website provided more information and was easier to navigate. For example, SLO Brewing Company makes you enter your age before entering and only provides two types of information which include the introduction and types of beers. To transform Big Sky Brewery’s marketing weaknesses into strengths we feel that Big Sky Brewery fix some of the problems located on the website. These would include coming up with a better color scheme for the subtitles that anyone could easily read. Another quick fix would be creating a slower and easier

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