Bigger Foods With Health Risks Or Smaller Portioned Food With No Risks?

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Bigger foods with health risks or smaller portioned food with no risks? America has a mindset that bigger is better, but each options have their own downsides. It is like feeding your children fast food or junk food because it can affect their health. Letting young children eat GMOs can lead to an increase of hormones and growth. An increase of hormones can lead to a change in the mental state, or harmful diseases. Genetically modified organisms should not be utilized in foods sold in public stores because most consumers are allergic to the substance injected into the food, they are not tested for poisonous diseases, and cannot be reproduced. The majority of genetically modified foods are injected with chemicals that generate larger fruits and vegetables. Foods are larger so major companies can earn more money and still have a large stock. This shows that GMOs are helping them more than they are people who buy them. Scientist do not properly test foods for any leading side effects (“Genetically Modified Foods”). There is still the chance GMOs may not be safe. It is easier to get foods with GMOs than foods that do not have GMOs. The Increase of hormones added to these foods can disturb the genes of humans. Children today are shorter than they were before because of the increase of hormones in foods given to them. It also can cause a chemical imbalance in the DNA. A chemical imbalance can prevent or speed of growth when a specific coding is changed. This done by DNA coding

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