Bill Clinton Were The Leaders Of The Free World From 1981- 2001

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2 Republicans and an Adulterer

Josh Nooromid
Mr. Smith

Ronald Wilson Reagan, George H.W. Bush and William “Bill” Clinton were the leaders of the free world from 1981- 2001. Over the course of 2 decades these men had to solve several international and domestic issues while juggling personal issues, and the many other responsibilities of The President of the United States. Over the 20 years of reign by these Presidents, 8 years were ran under Democratic rule by Bill Clinton and 12 years were ran under Republican rule by George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were both Republican, while Bill Clinton referred to himself as a “new age” Democrat. Reagan, Bush and Clinton had many domestic and foreign issues in common, the battling of the Cold War with Russia, economic instability and issues with obtaining oil and gasoline from the Middle Eastern nations. Over this period there was seemingly a tilt in attention from competition with the Soviets to focusing on a positive relationship with countries from the Middle East. Even though each of these President ran on the basis that they were going to be hard on communism and beat out communism in the entire world but at some times it seemed like obtaining gas was more important (Looman 5). Reagan, Bush, and Clinton were Presidents that did their best to ensure the future and fertility of our nation, the only question is who put our country on the best path possible?
Ronald Wilson

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