Bill Gates Dropping Out Of Harvard

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The world’s attitude towards the personal computer may have been completely different if not for one event: Bill Gates dropping out of Harvard. Gates came from a wealthy family in Seattle, Washington, but even at a young age, he knew how to take risks in order to follow his passion for computers. The developments that Microsoft has made, ranging from the earliest operating systems such as MS-DOS to the Microsoft Office Suite, have impacted the way that the personal computer operates. Microsoft products are used around the world, by various types of customers, ranging from CEOs to elementary school teachers and everyone in between. Both Gates and Microsoft have had a significant hand in establishing the way the world interacts with computers. Keira Stevenson summarized Gates’ rising love for technology in her article. Even in elementary school, Gates could often be found cutting class to spend more time with the school’s large computer. Gates and childhood friend Paul Allen gained experience while playing around with their school’s computer. The two teens were later hired by a software company to seek out bugs in the company’s system (Stevenson). Gates intended on attending Harvard and following in the steps of his lawyer father. After two years at Harvard, Gates dropped out in order to start Microsoft alongside Allen. The two teens typically worked with the Altair 8800, which was one of the first inexpensive computers on the market that was available for home use

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