Biographical Information on Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold was a general during the Revolutionary War, whom fought for the American army but eventually betrayed them and fought for the British. Included in this report will be his biographical information, the major events and people in his life which influenced him to become the person he was, and why he was important. I will be using this information to explain what made him a leader. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich Connecticut to Hannah King, who was a wealthy widow; and Benedict Arnold III. He had a number of siblings with unknown names who mostly died of yellow fever. He later attended Canterbury Academy, where from a lack of parental control Arnold often got in trouble. Then later he became an apprentice at an apothecary where he worked for his cousins Joshua and Daniel Lathrop. He intermittently went to serve in the army, but still worked for his cousins for many years. Later in his life, his mother died in 1759, and his father died two years later. Then he met Margaret Mansfield, who then became his wife in 1767. They then had three sons before Margaret died in 1775. Benedict then went on to marry Peggy Shippen. He and Peggy had five children. Then, on June 14th, 1801, due to edema caused by gout, Benedict died. There were many events and people who influenced Benedict to become the person that he was. While he was a child, his religious beliefs, Christianity, influenced how he acted, as well as what he believed. Also, his family
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