Was Benedict Arnold a Real Traitor? Essay

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The argument over Arnold’s place in American history has carried into this century. All the Americans relate George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson as their heroes, but there is a debate whether Benedict Arnold was a victim or a traitor. Arnold was a general during the American Revolutinary War, and he fought for the Continental Army. His name became synonymous with the word traitor. Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary Hero that had a huge effect on succeeding in the war. He had motivated a lot of soldiers during the war with his victorious discourses, and battles. Determination could be one of the most important reasons why the Patriots won the war, and had a chance to create their own country. These days, kids are in …show more content…

The reasons why he started talking to the British was that he was really irritated with the American government for not considering him as a significant person. The American government did not consider him as a statesman, and loyal was that they thought Arnold used the army for his personal needs. In addition, Arnold went to the British side because he was not getting sufficient money from the American government, and he had a lot of debt to pay. The British offered Benedict Arnold lot money, to him to join into the British forces. The British also assured that he will be in a high seat in the British, but the British never trusted him because the fact that he is working for the British army now, would not change the fact that he is American. Would you ever think of betraying your country? Benedict Arnold had never had the idea of betraying his country until he realized that the government was not helping him economically, and mentally. The government did not land him the money that he deserved from the battles. Also the government did thank him for succeding in the battles. “He was our fighting general, as brave a man as ever lived.” A soldier from Arnold’s army said this before a battle. Benedict Arnold had really good relationships with his soldiers. George Washington had respectable feelings about Arnold; he really believed that Arnold had really first-class skills in the battlefield. Washington also

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