Biography: Alfred Adler

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Individual psychology is a word that has been utilized to precisely convey the psychological technique or science that was discovered by the Viennese psychiatrist Alfred Adler. He was a man that came up with the concept of "individual psychology" which was expressed in the procedure in which Adler got the nerve to break away from the psychoanalytic school of Sigmund Freud. This amazing man called his work "free psychoanalysis" for a short time, but he later took it upon himself to reject the label of "psychoanalyst". He came up with his own method, which involved a holistic method to the study of character, which would eventually become extremely powerful in later 20th century counseling and psychiatric techniques. This paper gives us an account of his works and how individual psychology has made an impact on the world. Introduction The personality is what makes every human being on the planet exceptional in his or her own way. To go even further, a lot of people are extroverts, some are just introverts, amusing, or just simply quiet. "The word personality derives from the Latin term persona, which means to mask. Those that are describing personality as a mask, view character as an individual that is their true self, when they are in public. It is that feature of ourselves we choose to show to the world"(Comstock, 2008). Numerous different philosophers out there trust that they have the greatest theory about personalities. Some really have the belief that genetics,
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