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My name is Harold Godwinson, earl of Wessex, and one of the most important persons who ever had the chance to rule over England. The Bayeux Tapestry is largely meant to depict my period of apogee as I came to be the King of England and as I was provided with the difficult task of protecting this land in front of foreign invaders who are only interested in exploiting our homes. I am writing this letter to you, my beloved Edith Swannesha, with the purpose of making it possible for you to understand my life's experiences from the moment when I was provided with the mission to strengthen England's connections to William the Conqueror and until the time when I have my last breath. Similar to how my treasured falcons sometimes have the courage to take on larger and more powerful preys, I have had the boldness to take on England's throne at the moment when Edward the Confessor appointed me to do so. One of the most significant episodes of my life began when Edward provided me with the mission to speak to William in regard to the position that England wanted to take concerning Normandy. One of the first things I considered doing consequent to this event was to ride to Bosham, my favorite place in the world, in an attempt to reconnect with my home before embarking on such a difficult mission. I arrived there in a style that represented me entirely, considering that my falcons and my dogs accompanied me in front of my troops. I felt that I needed to visit the Bosham church before

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