Biography of Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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This artist has done many works of art that some people just may not seem to understand why it was made. Some people find an interest in certain paintings while others may not find that exact attachment to the painting like others. I have chosen to write about this artist because of the many and beautiful arts of work he has created through many years. Although some I may not find a meaning to or why he would make a piece of art the way he did, they still seem to catch my attention to some. Van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland on March 30, 1853. Vincent Van Gogh was born into a family of religion and strictness. His dad was a pastor in town. Van Gogh’s mother, Anna Cornelia Carbentus, was the daughter of Willem Carbentus. Her dad…show more content…
Van Gogh’s friend, Gauguin, would join him, but things were not going to be for the best. Towards the end of the year of 1888, a tragic accident would cause Gaugin to leave the town of Arles. Vincent Van Gogh was going through an episode in which he charged at his friend with an open razor. During the process, Gaugin would eventually try to stop Van Gogh, but unfortunately he would only end up just cutting a portion of his own ear lobe off. Vincent than later became acting out of character which would then lead up to the point where he would be sent off to an asylum in the town of Saint- Remy in order for him to seek to professional help. Even though Van Gough was raised into a religious environment, he was also raised in a strict one as well. At one point of his life he was even severely punished by his grandmother. Despite the fact that Van Gogh was brought up with religion and strictness, he did have some problems of his own he needed to deal with. Vincent had a bad temper, was always very emotional, and did not think so highly of himself. He lacked self-esteem. Between the ages of seven to eleven, Vincent was taught at home by a governess. This governess was a trained to teacher who would teach a train Vincent Van Gogh during his childhood. Sometime between the age of eleven to fifteen, Vincent would then be shipped off to attend boarding school in the Netherlands. Vincent Van Gogh’s first art
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