Biological And Physical Growth During Teenage Years

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Question # 1:
The beginning of biological and physical growth during teenage years is signified by the start of puberty which is called the physical transformation of a child into an adult. The physical changes which occur during this period is increase in height, weight, completion of skeleton growth and increase in skeleton mass, and change in body composition. The first sign of teenage years is the development of breast. Body sweats more, and hair and skin become more oily. The linear growth must have begun at that time. At it is estimated that most of the females gained height during the growth of puberty. This linear growth may be delayed or slowed if the caloric intake is insufficient. During this growing age adult bone mass is also accrued. It has been given that the adult bone mass is highly accumulated throughout or immediately next to puberty. Approximately most of the grown-ups gained half of their adult body weight during adolescence. Weight gain usually occurs just after the few months of linear growth. Average weight gains during adolescence are between 7-25kgs. Body composition also changes considerably. The body fats level is increased significantly. Normally female teens of this age acquire approximately 1.14kg of body mass fat during this developing stage. Deviation from the normal development or growth is mainly due to excessive caloric restriction, frequent dieting, use of diet pills and eating disorders.
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