Biological Differences

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1. Why is it so attractive to accept biological explanations concerning differences? Social scientist find it attractive to accept biological explanation concerning differences because, first biological explanations have the ring of “true” science to them: Because their theories are based on “objective scientific facts,” the arguments of natural scientists are extraordinary persuasive (Kimmel 20). The second biological explanations seem to accord with our own observations: Women and men seem too different to us most of the time (Kimmel 20). For example, women are more emotional therefore they seem to love chick flicks because of the meanings and actions of love, meanwhile men are more aggressive so they prefer to watch action movies. Lastly the third biological explanation would be that there’s also a certain conceptual tininess to biological explanations, because the social arrangements between women and men seem to stem directly and inevitably from the differences between us (Kimmel 20).
2. What are the three primary arenas of research that are used to explain biological differences between men and women?
The three primary arenas of research to explain biological differences between men and women are is the evolutionary theory, brain research, and endocrinological research. The evolutionary psychology declares an ability to explain psychological differences between women and men through their evolutionary trajectories (Kimmel 24). Therefore, women and man have not change

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